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Things of interest and help:
1. These Home Inspectors who will do a great job for you!! I recommend a home inspection to all prospective purchasers. Remember that an inspection is a snap shot of the house at that time of the inspection. The inspector will report only on what is seen during the inspection. There will be no moving things around or opening things or destructive testing. You and the inspector are guests of the home owner - remember that!!    
The inspection report will give you some wonderful information on the property as well as great general information on home maintenance. It is money well spent, as is money for your legal services.
2. STOP BILL C428 FROM BEING PASSED. It will reduce the 10 year mandatory residency to apply for CPP benefits to only 3 years!! How is this fair to the majority of Canadians who have worked hard and contributed to the CPP program, let alone the majority of immigrants who have been here between 3 and 10 years! It is time to stop the erosion of things Canadian! Sign the petition at this site:
If this goes through, we have no one to blame but ourselves!
By the way, not supporting this Bill says NOTHING about immigrants to the Country. It says everything about the government pandering to small interest groups at the expense of Canadians. When a point of view is wrong or stupid, it is wrong or stupid. Don't dare suggest anyone is against the group advancing a point of view just because the point of view is wrong, or stupid!!
3.If you are considering purchasing a new home, apart from paying close attention to the agreement between yourself and the builder (with which your lawyer is able to assist), you need to review this site about the warranty that applies to this purchase, likely the single largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.......
Please review your agreement with your lawyer, either me or someone else (it doesn't matter who, JUST REVIEW IT WITH SOMEONE!!).

4. If you are considering buying or selling a house, farm, vacant land, commercial property, always check with a real estate agent first. They are tremendously helpful with all aspect of buying and selling real estate. You won't be sorry!! I will soon have some links for sites of real estate agents with whom we work quite closely. Until then, please contact me at the office or by email for referral information.
5. On the more entertaining side, if you appreciate good piano playing, you deserve to follow this link to hear Kim Collingsworth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO67xEESp1M
If it doesn't leave you with a greater appreciation of all things larger than ourselves, perhaps you have other issues....