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Best wishes to all for a safe, prosperous 2011!

Congratulations to Brian and Rhonda Willard who, as of 17 January 2011, are the new operators of Napanee Fish And Chips!!! If you want a good meal, or just a snack, drop by the restaurant at 721 Highway 41 in Napanee, ON.

There are people out there who believe the HST applies on this type of sale! It does not!!
The tax will apply to real estate agent fees (usually paid by the Seller), lawyer fees (usually much less than other fees/costs associated with the transaction) and some other costs associated with the sale. To ease your mind, call a lawyer!

his Hastings County law practice is operated by Brad Comeau, successor to the original Stirling country lawyer, the late Alex Winkler, Q.C., and the original Marmora country lawyer, Andre Philpot.
Stirling has had some great winter events planned, like the Mill Pond Hockey Tournament and Groundhog Fest! 
Visit the little village with the big heart and check out the Stirling website for more information on what is happening in and around this great little village!
Elisha Maguire, the Stirling economic development officer, is doing a wonderful job working with the BIA and many other people to put Stirling on the map! Congratulations everyone. 
Contact with Elisha at edo@stirling-rawdon.com if you have any thoughts, feelings, questions, insightful comments or if you just want to volunteer your time. The great things happening would not take place without help!
Best Wishes and good luck to the municipal council - Reeve Rod Cooney, Deputy Reeve Wilfred Shier, Councillors Bob Mullin, Grant Hagerman and Jeremy Solmes.
You need to check out the Marmora Inn for a wonderful menu and well decorated, comfortable rooms. Their food is amazingly prepared and presented. You will not be disappointed!
As of 28 Jan 10, I joined the Law Society of Prince Edward Island and can now practice in that province!
If you are in Prince Edward Island and would like some legal assistance, contact me toll free at 1-877-565-1626.
Caroline Smith has been doing great things at the Empire Theatre in Belleville. You will do youself a favour to check out the lineup, buy a ticket and enjoy Caroline's wonderful talents and tastes. 
The Stirling Festival Theatre  has a good line up this year!
Feel free to contact my office should you wish more information on anything you read here.  
Myself, Debbie, Cheryl and Sue will do our best to accommodate your legal needs. If we cannot do so, we will assist you in finding a law office that has the resources you require.
If you are buying property that has anything to do with water, like a creek, stream, river, lake, etc. check with the local Conservation Authority BEFORE you finalize the contract. Ask your lawyer about the ramifications. In our area you would contact either Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority, Quinte Conservation or Crowe Valley Conservation Authority. If it turns out you won't be able to use the property for your original purposes, you don't have anyone to blame but YOU! Blunt enough?!
The HST is here, whether we like it or not. It can be the bane of existence for all associated with real estate transactions. I don't agree with the tax. It's going to kick everyong just when things are starting to look a little less dim. Practically speaking, BEFORE an Agreement of Purchase and Sale is signed, I recommend to buyers, sellers and real estate agents to confirm the applicability of the tax for any property over 1 acre or that has had severances by the owner. Please take the time to do this. It will save everyone alot of headaches and heartaches and money paying!!
As the Kenny Chesney song goes 'Everybody want to go to heaven, nobody want to go now!' We all know we are going to die. Most of us just don't know when or how. If you do not have your Will and Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care done as yet, I highly recommend talking to a lawyer, sooner rather than later!! Cause later will be too late!! There's no guarantee your head will return to the same pillow it left in the morning. It is not a pleasant thought, but 'tis true.
After navigating around the site and reading the information, you will, hopefully, be more comfortable with some aspects of the law, especially in the country, from buying or selling real estate to arranging estate affairs through a Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney (for property and/or personal care) to administering an estate to incorporation matters.
The site offers advice for no other reason except to help and inform. You can always email Brad personally if your questions are not answered directly on the site. While I will try to respond in a timely manner, please be patient. If my response does not come when you think it should, don't make any assumptions; please just contact me again. 
Lawyers sell time. We are paid for what we know, not for what we do! I can only deal with one person/issue at a time. If I spend my time with you, help me understand the reason you shouldn't pay for it, unless I have said otherwise? 
If you ask questions that involve details in the response, does the fact the question was asked on the phone or by email make a difference to your expectation to pay for the time?
No doubt the information you receive is valuable to you - otherwise you would not take the time to ask the question. 
Please let me know if you think it is unreasonable for you to pay a lawyer's service, regardless of where/when/how the service is provided.
Now, I do not mind providing some free legal advice. All lawyers I know do this. Please do not take advantage of our generosity. Remember, too, that the advice is worth what you paid for it so don't go blaming the lawyer for results you don't like if you relied on something for which you did not pay.
There is no way to know where the line exists after which you will have to pay for the advice. It depends on the circumstances. Always clarify with me or whichever lawyer you consult!!
Enjoy the site, and bookmark now -- there are occasional changes and comments are encouraged! 
There is no such thing as a revenue neutral tax. It just does not make sense. Anything government imposed that causes people to leave more money at the store or the lawyer's office is not good.  
If they lower the tax boom on us, we get to express our thoughts/support in the next election, but don't be fooled by promises to remove the HST. History just does not support a new government changing such things.

I look forward to your thoughts on the following:


a minute lived can never be lived again, only you can make that minute count, so don't live it being angry or bitter - you just wasted 60 seconds you could have been enjoying yourself!
Don't start living when you hear you are dying. News Flash!! We are all dying. The mortality rate of life is 100%.
While feelings are important, what really determines the outcome is how you behave, not how you feel, so do what is right, regardless of how you feel.
Happy to meet, sorry to part!!




Listen up!! 
You are not paying for the information on this site. I have no liability for what you do with the information. You only have yourself to blame if you do something based on what you read here! Law is complex!!  Always review the issues and get advice from your own lawyer before proceeding, before signing, before making any sort of committment...you get the idea.
When looking for a lawyer to help with your particular need,   compare 'apples to apples' - remember that you get exactly what you pay for so be sure of what you are paying for!! If you are not, you have no one to blame but the face in the mirror.